How to train a pitbull puppy like a professional.

Did you just get a new pitbull? Well if you did or you are thinking about getting a new pitbull puppy this article is for you. I've been breeding and training dogs and specifically pitbulls for well over a decade now.  We've trained thousands of pitbulls for clients all over the USA

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Arete K9 Weight Vest- Top Quality Pitbull Weight Vest

A problem most large dog breed owners have is trying to deal with an overly energetic dog—especially pitbulls! This is one of the biggest issues we see in dogs of all ages, from puppies to dogs in their later years. Are you constantly forced to lock your

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The History Behind The Most Notorious Pitbull Bloodline Of All Time

Pictured Above Is The Famous Pitbull “Juan Gotti” On a regular basis I have people call or email me and say “check out my blue gotti pitbull” I than ask to see the pedigree on the dog and they usually say “I don’t have the papers for my dog”. This is a

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The History Behind The Razor Edge Pitbull Bloodline

Razors edge is one of the most well known pitbull bloodlines today, this amazing bloodline was created by Dave Wilsof Razors Edge Kennel and Carlos Barksdale starting back in the late 1980s. The two originally started breeding game style pits while continually adding size. They focused on creating the Razors edge bloodline

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These Tips On Skin Problems Will Make Your Pitbull 10x Better

Skin Conditions are extremely common, even as common as they are as a pet owner no one wants to see their baby go through that kind of pain and discomfort that some skin conditions can cause. This article was wrote to help inform what causes these conditions, and also ways to treat

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