FPM Client Testimonials

Our goal at FPM is to provide the highest quality pitbulls in the world. We do this through being a professional in breeding, training, and customer service. We understand that the dog you purchase from our facility will one day become part of your family or may have a job to protect your family. With knowing this we put forth the extra time and effort to ensure you get the very best this breed has to offer. We are so grateful for the clients that have brought us new business with referrals to their friends and family members. We also want to appreciate the clients who have bought multiple dogs from us. Below we have testimonials from a few of our past clients..

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

Vader was 76 lbs a few days ago at the vet... There is some other pits around here that are full grown that he towers over. He has not shown one bit of aggeressivness toward another dog. Everyone comments on how good he is. Very smart dog, I have him around dogs, kids babies an he is so behaved. You can post anything I say on your Web site. You have made me very happy. I got very lucky with Vader, he is a great boy.  

Andy Lovly In Iowa

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

https://www.facebook.com/review I recently purchased a puppy from Caleb after personally visiting his facility and meeting him. The facility was amazing and he is extremely knowledgeable. My fiancé and I were extremely impressed by how beautiful/ healthy all of his dogs were which led to our purchase. Caleb personally delivered my puppy to North Carolina and I must say she is PERFECT. she had several full check ups by the vet and they stated themselves how beautiful and healthy she was. She is extremely smart and so loving I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. We have continuous communication with him and his staff. I would highly recommend them for your next puppy or training needs.

Malissa Dockery

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

My family and I purchased our puppy from Caleb on January 1st 2016. He is such an amazing dog. Big, smart, loving, and a absolute goof ball. But besides the obvious about his dogs, he went above and beyond during the purchase. We talked on the phone about what we were looking for in a pet, and wanted to know about us and the future home of his pup. And....he rushed him to us THE NEXT DAY! Such a great experience

The Dodge Family In Oregon

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

Approximately eight years ago I lost my female red nose to lymphoma. Since then I was determined to wait and look for the right fit for my family, because Nina had meant so much to us. This time I wanted a Bluenose, but a good quality Bluenose was harder to find than I thought. It took about five years before my family was ready to bring a new pup into the fold after our loss. It proved to be a difficult task; year after year I would look online and meet pups and their breeders, but I was never satisfied with the quality/caliber that I was looking for in the breed. When I finally came across FPM KENNELS I was intimidated by few things: -I wouldn't be able to see his pups or facility in person. -The cost of the puppies where more expensive than I have ever come cross. -Dealing with a large amount of money for a blind faith transaction being that I live in VA and FPM KENNELS is in Utah. I decided to call and got in touch with Caleb. After a short exchange of information pictures and direction to their Facebook and Instagram pages I decided to follow through and purchase a pup. The process was so nerve-racking for me, but Caleb did such an awesome job and took such great care of me! Her name is Athena, I can't fully explain the impact she has had on my family and she is everything that I was looking for in the breed! She's well tempered yet protective. She is so happy and affectionate. She gets along with other animals and she's healthy and intelligent, loves to play fetch and knows how to catch a frisbee (still working on getting her to give it back tho, lol). I also have a red nose male (not an FPM KENNELS dog) named Zeus who doesn't get along with other animals, but within the first week she managed to win him over and they're the best of friends. She was worth every single penny I paid! I have owned 5 pits before Athena over the last 15 years none of which compared to her. I am forever grateful!

Jasmine In Virgina

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

We have purchased seven dogs from Caleb and FPM Kennels as foundation stock for our company. FPM continues to set new standards of excellence for XL American Pitbull Terriers. All of our dogs are extremely well mannered, emotionally stable, healthy head turning show stoppers, and easily the most intelligent animals that we have ever trained Caleb is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and honest. FPM Kennels has always provided unparalleled customer service and support to us in all situations. Working with Caleb has been a fantastic experience and we are certainly looking forward to doing business with Caleb and FPM Kennels in the future. SuperiorPitbulls.com

Terry & Elizabeth Sapp Des Moines, Iowa

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

I've bought two pups from FPM Kennels and couldn't be happier. They both have the best temperaments and do so well with my daughters and all children they come in contact with. Extremely honest people to do business with. After picking up each dog I can still call for advice a year and a half later. All in all I'm a happy customer and would recommend anyone to FPM Kennels

Sam Banister In Idaho

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

*CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE REVIEW ON FACEBOOK* Words cannot express how extremely satisfied we are with our puppy from FPM kennels. She has proven to be an amazing addition to our family. She has the sweetest temperament with our children and other pets, yet even at this early age is assertive with strangers. Caleb was 100% professional and knowledgeable, and took time to answer all of my questions, even after she was delivered. I highly recommend FPM to anyone seriously considering a show quality Pit Bull... worth every penny! THANK YOU

Elizabeth Cutlip Maryland

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

Here is what I did up, if you wanna post it now or when I send you those professional pictures is up to you. Take care man. The owner of FPM Kennels Caleb Clark personally worked with me while I was deployed overseas sending videos, pictures, and consulting with me over the phone at any hours of the day while I made the selection of my dog, he provided outstanding customer service and put my mind at ease while making the best purchase I have ever made. Upon receiving Roco, he immediately surpassed all my expectations. As you can see, these are the best looking dogs you will find. What you cannot see in pictures is the quality of breeding going on here. Roco is the best behaved, smartest dog I have ever owned. I started obedience training with him at 4 months and the professional dog trainer of over 8 years has said he is the best behaved and smartest dog he has ever had. Because of his amazing temperament and ability to take to training, we have decided to register him as an emotional support animal and volunteer at VA hospitals for disabled veterans to get the chance to interact with a dog of this quality. Animals of this caliber are a very rare find and I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with the entire FPM operation. Keep up the great work guys, and thank you very much!

Jonathan Lyle In Alaska

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

I couldn't have asked for a better dog buying experience. Caleb was great to work with and very honest all the way through till we got our dog in hand. His dogs are fantastic and in great shape and best of all happy. Our Tig has been a great addition to our home and in every way exactly what we were looking for and paid for. I couldn't of asked for anymore than what I got  

Kenny Johnson In Utah

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

I had been researching breeders for awhile and when I came across FPM and Caleb I knew when I was ready for a puppy I would be getting it from him. I spoke with Caleb, explained what I was looking for in a dog and he help me land the perfect pup. I was a little skeptical about purchasing a dog so many states away. In hindsight, he made the process painless. FPM has the quality of dog and a passion for the breed. I am more than thrilled with my chocolate little lady! Thanks again

Jason Mundy In Pennsylvania

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

This is a 1st pick Blade daughter that is living in South America. She is doing some protection work for she can protect her owners and their estate. FPM Kennels has had some of the highest clients in the world. We are more then happy to keep all of their information private


Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

We purchased a male rednose pit-bull in feb. Once we contacted Caleb he was always friendly and very knowledgeable of the kind of dog we were looking for. We decided to purchase the dog and we got the dog on time and the date we wanted. We fell in love with the dog immediately and he is becoming everything we ever wanted. When we got the dog it was homesick for a few days and we were worried so we called Caleb and he gave his tricks and tips on how to make the dog feel better, he even gave us a guarantee that if we did not feel comfortable with the dog he would make sure we were happy customers and offered to send us another dog! The dog has now been with us for a month and we named him Rocco, he is absolutely beautiful and already potty trained! We are so happy with our purchase and still keep in contact with Caleb! Happy customers!

Ivan & Damaris In NYC

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

  In the picture above is Corey White #23 on The Dallas Cowboys with his dog named Rocky at 1.5 year old. Another High end client we made happy and is soon getting another puppy from us.  

#23 For The Dallas Cowboys

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

My wife and I have been looking for a puppy to give my older dogs some more energy and be a great friend with my kids. We started to do research and found FPM Kennels. With looking at pictures on Instagram and Caleb answering all our questions to help us pick the right dog. Rex is extremely smart, loyal and tolerant to my 1 1/2 year and 8 year old son. Rex is also 35-Minute Bootcamps Mascot. He hangs out in our studio while we are having classes and is in contact with 100's of people everyday. All our members love our #fitmascot and we couldn't be happier. He is only 7 months and already 50+ pounds. Can't wait to see what he will be when he is 2. I can't say enough and everyday Rex surprises me, Thank you from the Cabral family and 35 Minute Bootcamps family Hoboken NJ 35-Minute Bootcamps

Cabral family & 35 Minute Bootcamps

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

www.facebook.com/review By far one of the best customer experiences I've ever had when dealing with a private business. Not only was I impressed with the time they took with the training and care to their amazing beautiful dogs Caleb is very professional and laid back doesn't mind answering any questions always glad to help. Once we had our puppy selected that we wanted we called and sadly someone else was already in the process of getting him. That's when Caleb went out of his way and showed me the beautiful pup that me and my girlfriend have now. We weren't supposed to get him tell Monday but Caleb was able to pull some strings and we got our absolutely amazing dog on Sunday. And what a personality he warmed up to us immediately and clung to us like he knew we were his forever parents already. After a long drive home and not a single peep from puppy Ralph who slept the whole way we got home and introduced him to the cats and daughter which only took about 2 seconds tell all the animals and the daughter were all playing together. Such an amazing personality and so loving this is by far the best dog I have ever owned and today is my first full day with him and already he's so in tune with the morning routine already like he just knew what it was already and so friendly and loving. By far best pet shopping experience I've ever had and my next dog will definitely be acquired thru Caleb and FPM as well

Joe Demaria In Washington

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

My boyfriend found our puppy Jaida, a Blue Nose Pitbull , on the best website I have ever seen for such a breed. Caleb ( the owner) is knowledgeable, responsible, and a extremely caring breeder. He spent hours on the phone with my boyfriend, explaining the different temperaments, and specifics about each of parents of the puppies... His passion and world are these dogs and is why he delivers top quality dogs with a guarantee ! We love Jaida ( our blue nose female ) so much and plan on getting a second puppy soon! She's so obedient, calm, submissive, and extra loving... She's so tall , lean muscular build , and has incredible gray blue eyes... 🙂 thank you FPM kennels ! Your the BEST ! www.TaniaMariaMUA.com

Tania Quinones In LA

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

My boyfriend and I purchased a puppy from Caleb at FPM kennels in June of 2015. We were very pleased with the puppy from day one. He was everything that Caleb promised him to be. He was basically potty trained from the day we brought him home. He had only had two accidents in the house. His temperament is top notch and he goes everywhere with us. He is excellent around children and everyone who comes in contact with him is in love. We are constantly getting compliments on how handsome he is and his beautiful coat. Purchasing a dog from FPM kennels was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Caleb is very easy to work with and was always available to answer all of our questions. If you are interesting in purchasing a XL pitbull I highly recommend FPM kennels. You will not be disappointed!!!

Kaley & Jesse In New Orleans

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

After doing tons of investigating on pitbull breeders, we decided to go with FPM Kennels and Caleb.  One look at Blade and we knew we had to have one of his puppies! Caleb had the patience of saint! He took everyone one of our phone calls full of questions and got back to every text we sent.  He also provided pictures and videos of the puppy we wanted, whenever we wanted. Our transactions with FPM and Caleb were flawless and our whole experience was awesome.  We received our puppy (Blade and Minni) in top condition and excellent health and up to date on all her shots and we could not love her more! She adapted immediately and is lovable, sociable and great with our young son as well as other dogs.  The dog and our dealings exceeded our expectations with FPM and we will definately be getting any future dogs from them.  Highly recommend FPM Kennels and Caleb!

The Cheff Family in New Jersey

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

Here is a picture of a 1st pick Minni Male Playing in the lake.

Disclosed Client Name In California

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

" FPM Kennels is just Amazing!!!! You should fully trust Caleb. He is the Best Breeder ever!!!! My Pit Puppy is not just Incredibly Beautiful but also Extremely Smart and Socialized, this happens just if the Breeder do a good job in the first 8 weeks of the puppy's life, and Caleb has been Excellent!!!!! If You want one of the Finest Pitbulls you should definitely go for FPM's Kennels " keep in touch Bro see ya AA

Alberto Alfonso in Italy

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

A BIG thanks to Caleb Clark of FPM Kennels for such a remarkable, well mannered and smart blue pitbull! While searching the internet for a pit I came across FPM Kennels. Seeing Blade on the website blew me away. I contacted Caleb and now I'm the proud master of Blade and Gina's son whom I named Blaze. Thanks again Caleb for all your help and making this a good experience! We will stay in touch. FPM Kennels is the best!

Robert Grope In Iowa

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

"FPM Kennels is where you go if you want a dog that will be happy, healthy and very solid. The work shows through their dogs, and their honesty is key which can be hard with a lot of breeders. These are not just dogs to them, but all are also family which is important. This is my boy Royce at 5 1/2 months and 55lbs, he's a beast, his personality glows and he is growing by the minute. FPM is the place to be when your looking for a real quality dog!"

Dallas Cloyd In Arizona

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

I would like to thank Caleb Clark and FPM kennels for the new addition to our family, our female pitbull. He took care of the purchase process all the way through and kept us well informed of every step. We look forward to doing business with you again Caleb, you have our recommendation. Thanks again for making our first online purchase so easy. At first i was a little sceptical about buying a pet online, but I took a shot in the dark and found that there are trustworthy people still out there. Thanks again. Celia Cavazos In Texas

Celia Cavazos In Texas

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

We got our Lilee from FPM in July 2014. She is 7 months old now and we love her to death. She is beautiful, sweet, and has the funniest personality. We have received so many compliments on how pretty she is. She gets along great with her big brother, Bosco, he is a 4 year old boxer. We also have a pet rabbit and she loves her too. If we are ever in the market for another dog we would definitely look at FPM for another puppy. Thanks again

Wendy In Iowa

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

I have had a lot of experience with different bully breeders over the years and can tell you, you won't find finer pits than at Finest Pitbulls Made (fpm). There has been a plague of unskilled breeders selling genetic garbage. At FPM they produce not only some of the best looking pits but the healthiest I have seen. And that's why I am and will continue to be a customer of FPM

Jeremy Hill In Utah

Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

A Blade X Gina Female with a clients Ferrari at only 6 months. We ship dogs worldwide to the highest quality homes in the world


Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?

This Gino 1st pick male with his owner that is an NFL Player. He had 2 sacks in the Super Bowl win with the Baltimore Ravens in 2012. He now plays for the Cleveland Browns his name is Paul Kruger and he is #99. FPM Kennels has been know to meet the needs of high end clients worldwide.

NFL Player Cleveland Browns

Do You Offer Refunds On Deposits?2018-11-09T16:02:25+00:00

NO we will never refund money for someone who puts a deposit down. If the puppy they reserved dies, gets sick, hurt or is not born or any other circumstance your deposit still will not be refunded it will be transferred to another breeding, puppy, trained dog or training of buyers choice. We want buyers that are 100% committed to us and especially our dogs and if that is not you than your not a right fit for one of our dogs.


Will My Puppy Come With Shot, Health, And Feeding Directions?2018-11-09T16:02:24+00:00

Yes, all of our puppies will come with a puppy care package that includes: brochures, folders, coupons, pamphlets, health records and even how to take care of your puppy the first year.

If We Buy A Dog From FPM Will The Dog Come With Full Breeding Rights?2020-12-23T18:55:23+00:00

Most of our dogs that you purchase from us will not come with full breeding rights. The only way your dog will come with full breeding rights is if you pay extra. We believe here at FPM that our dogs are best suited to family homes.

What Forms Of Payment Do you Accept For Your Dogs & Training? Also Do You Offer Payment Plans?2022-01-25T05:28:09+00:00

For deposits we will accept debit, credit and ACH bank transfers. The type of payment plans we offer is putting a 50% deposit down on a dog with training. For reserving any of the puppies we now require a 50% deposit to reserve one.  You will pay the rest of the puppy, trained dog or training service off when you pick the dog up or two weeks before shipping.


What Countries Can You Ship Your Dogs Too?2022-02-17T09:21:52+00:00

We can ship our puppies and trained dogs with our hand delivery service to your home for an extra cost to all 50 States and Canada. We DON’T use any 3rd party shippers. We also highly recommend that all of our buyers come to our facility and pick up your new family member in person.  We also have hand delivered dogs to other countries in South America, Europe, Asia and the United Kingdom over the last 10 years. The shipping to these countries usually costs around $1500 – $3000 USD on top of the price of the dog. The only country we WON’T ship a dog to is Australia, because of the no rabies rule and they have a pitbull ban.

Are Your Dogs Good With Kids And Other Pets?2018-11-09T16:02:10+00:00

We have certain dogs that are breed for a specific task- job like personal protection work. We have dogs that are hand selected each generation from a litter of our puppies to specifically be a family dog for you and your loved ones. We also will start training our dogs at the moment they can walk, so if you get a puppy with training it has months of learning the best way to behave around people. This is so important for the later years of the dogs life. If you want a dog that will be good around certain pets just tell us before, and we will find the right dog that is genetically selected and trained for this. All of our dogs will be good with kids or we won’t own them because 95% of our dogs go to owners with kids so this is our number one priority. The biggest issue our company has seen in the last ten years is two male dogs left alone can have aggression issues with each other because they both want to be the alpha male, that’s just animal nature. I’ve also seen females that will act very aggressive around each other if they are in heat. So I would always recommend to only have two big dogs that are a male and a female. We have multiple dogs out in our 50 acre facility, but only under human supervision.

What Is The Best Way To Contact You?2023-01-28T10:54:54+00:00

The best and fastest way to contact us is by calling our office directly at 731-343-9916. If no one is in the office please leave your information in a voicemail. You can also send emails to info@fpmkennels.com and we will get back to you very shortly. If your not ready to get a dog for a while I would suggest to sign up for our newsletter on the bottom of the website with your email address. We usually have monthly updates regarding new dogs or training to let everyone know whats going on.

What’s The Lowest Price Of Training & Dogs You Offer?2020-12-23T18:57:07+00:00

The price we offer with puppies without any training or breeding rights is $1500 to $3500

The price we offer full breeding rights with puppies without any training is $5000 to $10,000

We have 6 different packages for dogs sold with training from $4,500 to $25,000

We will train dogs from somewhere else but they must purchase a minimum of $1,000 worth of training.

What Type Of PItbulls Do You Have? Also how big do your dogs get fully grown?2018-11-09T16:02:10+00:00

We would consider our pitbull to be Standard American Pit Bull Terriers and XL Pitbulls. Most of our males weigh from 75 to 120 pounds and about 22″ – 28″ inches tall at the withers. Most of our females range in the weight of 65 to 100 pounds and 18″ to 26″ inches tall at the withers. I understand everyone on the internet brags about having a 160 pound pitbull which the weights of their dogs are usually over inflated. Even if these dogs are this size they are going to be crossed with some type of mastiff breed, I promise you that. Our dogs are usually about the height and weight of a standard Golden Retriever. Which this height and weight are optimal for functionality and lifespan. Our dogs are extremely smart which is a must have for training your dogs in protection or to be a family dog.

What Bloodlines Are Your Dogs?2022-02-17T09:50:31+00:00

When we originally started back in 2011 we had multiple bloodlines.  I would say we have owned anywhere from  20-30 bloodlines of pitbulls. We’ve had all the popular ones you will see everyone brag about. Some of the bloodlines we have in our dogs are chevy, razors, gotti, whopper, dagger, ofrn, ick, razors edge, gotti, torres bloodline, camelot. What really separates us from anyone else is not just our dogs, but our training methods for family dogs is unlike anything you will find anywhere else in the world. Being very successful in anything is being the best in multiple ways, we strive to be better than yesterday, every day. All of our dogs pedigrees are listed online with pitpedia.com you can search up our dogs on there or visit our males and females page to see them.

What Color Of Dogs Do You Have?2018-11-09T16:02:11+00:00

We do not breed for color, we breed for train-ability, health and temperament, but we have had the following colors in the past and different combinations of: champagne, red, blue, white gold, black, brown, brindle, light red, fire red, white, fawn, blue tri, red tri.

At What Age Can We Get Our Puppy?2018-11-09T16:02:11+00:00

Our puppies that are bought with training will usually go home around 14 to 20 weeks old if training starts when puppy is 6 weeks old.

We let our puppies with no training go to their home at 6 to 8 weeks. They must be 8 weeks old to fly on a plane legally.

We also have fully trained dogs from 16 weeks to two years old.

What If I Put A Deposit Down And A Dog Is Not Born?2018-11-09T16:02:12+00:00

We don’t refund any deposits at all. We will let you transfer the deposit to another breeding, puppy or training service. We don’t keep any money from our clients we just want to take deposits from people who are ensuring to use our service. You will have a credit for any dogs not born that you can use whenever you would like too. If your putting a deposit down we only want people who are 100% commuted to us and the dog.

Will You Train My Dog Even If We Didn’t Buy Her/Him From You?2018-11-09T16:02:12+00:00

Yes, we will train your dog even if it wasn’t bought from us. The dog just needs to be at least 16 weeks old, and has all of it shots and health records up to date. Contact us with the type of training you want done for you and your family member. Our most basic training starts at $1,000 and can get up to $30,000 – $50,000 for competition level obedience and protection.

What Type Of Methods Do You Train The Puppies And Dogs With?2018-11-09T16:02:12+00:00

We start all of our dogs out with: positive training, markers, verbal commands, hand gestures, clickers and treats till about 16 weeks old. At about 5 months old we start training the dog with more advance commands. We don’t train our dogs to follow the commands just for a treat. We also use praise, toy motivation and e-collars for more disciplined training. We want each command to be done verbally, and the dogs to do the command with hand gestures.

An Example Of A Puppy With Training Contract In NON PDF Form2018-11-09T16:02:14+00:00


Is Owning A Pitbull Different From Owning Other Breeds Of Dogs?2018-11-09T16:02:23+00:00

Is owing a Ferrari different than owning a Honda? Yes, Pitbulls are different compared to  other breeds, especially our dogs. We have trained other powerful breeds before such as Rottweilers and Shepherds.  Which these kinds of breeds are a lot more human aggressive than Pitbulls naturally. The Pitbulls are naturally more aggressive towards other dogs, but these behaviors can be trained to channel that aggression or energy into something positive for the dogs and people. Pitbulls also bond with humans more than I have ever seen in another breed of dog, which is why most people love them so much including us. Pitbulls can also be very loyal and stubborn, but once trained correctly you will not want to own any other breed.

Can You Get The Ears Cropped Of The Puppy I am Buying?2022-01-25T05:31:21+00:00

Yes, we can get the ears cropped by our State Licensed Veterinarian. This will cost an extra $1,000 separate from the price of the dog. We also take care of all the after care that includes taping and removing the stitches. We will have to keep the puppy longer though because ear cropping can’t be done till they are at least 10 to 12 weeks old. It is not guaranteed we have enough time with our vet for ear cropping.

Where Is FPMKENNELS.COM Located? Can we come in person and pick our dog up?2022-02-17T09:35:48+00:00

We are located in Tennessee about 1.5 hours west of Nashville on a 50 acre private training facility. We encourage you to personally come spend a night at the facility as we give you a tour around the 50 acre facility.  In order to do so we require  you to have a signed PDF Form contract with a deposit on a breeding, training or a dog. The reason we require this is because the safety of the dogs will always come first. We have clients worldwide that trust us with their dog and we will never let anyone visit them unless they follow our protocol. We only allow people who are under our system, which includes all of their personal information.

Why Do You Require A Deposit On Puppies, Breedings, And Training?2022-02-17T09:47:05+00:00

The reason we require deposits is because of the safety of our dogs and wanting people 100% committed to the dog months before the purchase. Another reason is we have many clients who inquiry us on a daily basis for the same dog. Our website gets over a million visitors a year so it’s a lot to keep up with. Almost all of our dogs are sold out before they are born. A deposit insures you a spot on that specific breeding of your personal preference. We have hundreds of people a day contacting us for a dog and around 2-5 of those people will actually end up buying a dog. The best example of this is how many people do you see talking about becoming a millionaire?? But in reality how many people are actually a millionaire. Everyone wants one of these dogs but, very few people can actually afford them money and time wise.  A deposit with a signed contract secures that we are not wasting our time on false dreams, and we can actually serve our clients needs. We have a multi million dollar facility, taxes, insurance, employees all of these expenses that most of these so called professional breeders/trainers will never know about. Our clients understand this and appreciate us being very upfront about our process. We offer the highest quality in the world and we are achieving this by focusing on quality not quantity. We require a 50% deposit on any training, and any dog. The rest of the payment owed will be required two weeks before one of our team member hand delivers you your puppy or if you come in person you can pay on the spot. All dogs will be paid in full before one of our team members hand delivers your dog unless otherwise specifically stated in contract that both buyer and seller agreed too. Deposits are never refundable but always transferable to another breeding, dog or training service. We also do not use any third party dog shipping companies. You must come to our facility or one of team members will meet you for pick up.

How Do I Maintain My Dog’s Training?2018-11-09T16:01:53+00:00

When you pick up the dog or we deliver it, we’ll show you how to handle and work the training commands with your new dog. You’ll have the same level of control with your dog that our trainers do. We’ll also pass along our training techniques and principles so you can keep your dog’s training sharp in the comfort of your own home.

Should you feel you need a follow-up session or maintenance training, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Why Don’t I Buy My Own Puppy From Somewhere Else?2018-11-09T16:01:53+00:00

Many people think that if they buy a pitbull puppy — or another breed of dog it will be the same as ours — but this is very far from the case

Our dogs are specifically hand selected each generation for the proper traits to be a family dog. Rather it be personality, training or aesthetic reasons. This is not something that happens overnight but after selecting dogs for multiple generations. Our dogs are specifically trained to be around your family. It’s the culture we have around our dogs so they think its how they should act to fit in with the rest of the pack. Our dogs are well controlled, they are not aggressive dogs that attack whenever they deem necessary. Our dogs wait for your command, and they have been trained for realistic scenarios to be around you and your family in your daily life.

Why Would I Buy A Dog From Finestpitbullsmade.com Instead Of Another Company?2022-02-17T09:42:45+00:00

Anyone searching the Internet can find hundreds of companies selling pitbulls that claim to be as good as ours.  Don’t be fooled, most of these so called companies don’t have the proper resoucers and are scamming people. I always hear people tell me I have found someone online that is offering me a dog way cheaper than the dogs you offer for sale. I tell them every time they would be a better option if your looking for the cheapest option. We have $20,000 – $30,000 in expenses, a month to just run our training facility. We have multiple employees, multi million dollar facility, taxes, insurance, food, training gear, camera equipment, maintenance of 50 acres, premium vet care for dogs, website maintenance, vehicles and much more. We have the highest quality set up for any dogs in the world and especially in the Pitbull breed. This does not happen for free and we don’t cut any corners compared to other companies who care for their dogs. Most of these breeders won’t let you come out in person because they have something to hide. We encourage  you to come out in person because if you do we know you will buy a dog from us once you see our dogs swimming in our 3 acre lake enjoying life. I would even go as far as saying our dogs live on what I would call a resort for dogs or humans. Our dogs have more freedom and structured training than most humans have in their life and this is all very crucial with having dogs around your kids. So you don’t want us to cut corners on the dogs so don’t cut corners on what your buying for your family. Their safety should come first to you.

What we offer with most of our dogs sold: USDA certified health certificate, puppy care package, dog training support, obedience & protection commands on most of our puppies. FPM knows what it takes to go above and beyond. Our mission is to hand deliver the finest family dogs with the most advanced training for Pitbulls available anywhere in the world. We will do all of this in the most professional manner you have ever seen before.

How Do I Go About Purchasing A Dog From You?2021-01-25T03:59:29+00:00

You must call or email us directly and be ready to put a deposit down on the dog, breeding or training.. Our contact info can be found by clicking here on the contact us page

Are Your Dogs Aggressive With People?2018-11-09T16:01:54+00:00

It depends on what the dog is trained to do, for example if your buying a puppy that comes with the regular puppy training the dog is just trained to be obedient and not aggressive at all. But with a dog trained in protection that’s entirely up to you. Some people choose to have their dog react to anyone at the door, while others prefer their dog to be accepting to anyone who enter unless told otherwise. Once you communicate to your dog that it’s OK, your dog will gladly accept your family and friends into your home.