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FPM’S Tiger

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American Pit Bull Terrier - $4,500

Date of birth: 12/23/16

Color: Brindle

Gender: MALE

Availability: Reserved

This dog is just 2 years old and he comes potty trained, rabies shots, ears cropped, USDA paperwork, UKC paperwork. He also knows all of the commands listed below. You will never find a dog this nice for this price we have him on a 50% discount of a listed price of $4500

  • Marker Word Yes (This means the dog did the task you wanted correctly)
  • Marker Word No (Dog Must immediately STOP doing when this is said)
  • Marker Word Good (Dog must understand whatever they are doing is good and keep doing it)
  • Water (Point at the water bowl and reward them after they drink the water)
  • Get It (Bites item)
  • Out (Releases Item out of mouth)
  • Play (Dog is free to go play and does not need to worry about training)
  • Come (dog comes to you)
  • Eyes (dog makes eye contact with your eyes)
  • Sit (Dog Sits Completely Down)
  • Down (Dog Lays Completely Down On Ground)
  • Stand ( Dog Stands Completely Up)
  • Stay (dog stays in position)
  • Face (Dog Faces You)
  • Shake (Dog Shakes Paw With Your Hand)
  • Heel (Dog Lines up parallel to you on your left side)
  • Place ( Dog Goes To Item and Sits)
  • Speak (dog barks with each command)
  • Quiet (dog stops barking or making noise)
  • Kennel (Goes To Dog Crate)
  • Leave It (dog does leave item alone you when this command is used)