Did you just get a new pitbull? Well if you did or you are thinking about getting a new pitbull puppy this article is for you. I’ve been breeding and training dogs and specifically pitbulls for well over a decade now.  We’ve trained thousands of pitbulls for clients all over the USA and World. The type of training that is best suited for pitbulls is by far marker training. What is marker training? Is probably your first question,  well marker training is a simple way of dog training that communicates with the dog what behavior is correct and desired by the handler. The marker words you are going to teach your dog are YES, GOOD & NO like pictured below.  You must first develop a communication system with your pitbull puppy before you expect to start your actual obedience training.

We’ve developed our own obedience training program that has 3 different level in obedience and 3 different levels in protection training for a total of 6 different training packages. Each training package we offer to our clients the dogs will learn the training commands vocally and also with hand gestures. Its takes one of our trainers 4 to 6 weeks with 2 to 3 training sessions per day for one of our dogs to get through our first phase of training which is the 7 obedince commands. Below we have a video of one of our clients puppies that was taught the marker words YES, NO & GOOD. After the marker words the puppy was taught sit, down, come, place, stay, free & Kennel.

Pitbull Dog Training Proofing


Pitbull Training Near Me

With the evolution of the internet and dog training you no longer have to find a trainner local to you. You can find a trainer like us who spefically designed a training program for pitbulls. You can easily just board your dog at our facility and let the experts train not just your dog but you also. After training thousands of dogs we have discovered that the owners need training just as much as the dogs because the dogs behavior is usually a reflection of the owners time and dedication put into the dog.


Pitbull 101 Training Guide

Training your pitbull isn’t something your just going to succeed at with reading an article on the internet its going to take years of commitment to get the results you are desiring. But if you have the time and are up for the challenge it is very much possible for you to train your own dog but it is a daily commitment that takes years to develop the proper skill and knowledge.