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FPM Kennels is located in Centerfield, Utah. We are world famous breeders and producing the finest American Pitbull Terriers in the world. We are one of the top websites
All of our pitbulls come from only the best pitbull bloodlines in the world Razors edge, ICK, HBK, RBG, Gottiline, Whopper, Camelot, Dagger, Dangerzone, Chevy, Greyline. We plan each one of our breeding years in advance and hand select only the finest pitbull puppies from each litter that we consider breeding quality, to ensure that our pitbull dogs are nothing short of head turners when you walk your dog in public. Unlike most pitbull kennels we produce many different colors including brindle, red, blue, silver, blue brindle, black, champagne, white and other color variations.
If you are looking for beautiful blue pitbull puppies that will grow up to be some of the Finest XL Pitbulls in the world with massive heads, some of the most solid structures and ripped out muscle dogs, without sacrificing the athletic ability the original American Pit bull Terriers had. Our blue pitbulls are full of love and have some of the most loyal temperaments you will find in any bully pitbull in the world. You are in the right place for your future family member. We breed not just for looks but for intelligence and temperament.

We have sold and exported many blue nose pitbull puppies worldwide to our satisfied customers. We take much pride in our dogs and the honesty we run our Pitbull kennel with, we have one of the best pitbull facilities in the world and anyone is more than welcome to come see our  in person and all our Red Nose Pitbull Puppies always have the attention, dedication and time they need to develop correctly in the first crucial development stage here at our Pitbull Kennel. We have learned all our knowledge from hands on experience this is not knowledge you can learn from a book but only with experience with the Pitbull Breed.
Thank you for looking at our website, feel free too come back and stay updated on our available pitbull puppies and our breeding program. We do offer worldwide shipping if you have any questions or inquiries, please
contact us

All our Blue nose pitbull puppies are socialized with kids and other dogs before being sold. No pit bull dogs are or will be sold for illegal purposes, no exceptions!!!!
red nose pitbull puppies playing with childern


red nose pitbull puppies playing with childern

GINO IS THE MUSCLE FREAK, We are #1 producer of XL Rednose Pitbulls. Go look around at other websites and tell me who has a better Red Nose Pitbull Kennel than us.



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FPM'S GINO Looking like the best red nose stud in the world like always, this is just a cell phone picture

Blue pitbull playing in the yardBlade just chewing up stuff in the yard, we are not trying to make him look big by posing in this picture, Go look at the other Pitbull Websites and tell me who has pictures of there muscle pitbulls just laying there and are still ripped like this. Here at FPM Kennels we have nothing to hide and take many different angles on the pictures of our blue pitbulls.


international pitbulls for sale Blue nose pit wearing pink cheetah collar
Blade 1st pick female at 8 months old winning first place in her class and than she won the whole dog show and WON BEST IN SHOW. The crazy part is she beat full grown males and she is only 8 months old Sour patch has such a gorgeous face for a blue nose pitbull, her dad is the only blue pitbull that I know of that is a registered K9 Police dog. So she is very smart and is very easy to train and is capable of producing the best Blue nose pitbull puppies for K9 Police dogs and Protection dogs for yourself or your estate


Blue nose pitbull in the car Biggest red nose pitbull feamles in Idaho
Sometimes Blade will just sit in the car for hours even if it is parked, this is the face he gives me if I tell him to get out. Blade is my favorite blue nose pit and puts FPM Kennels on the map as one of the top XXL Pitbull Kennels in the world LILLY THE LION playing on the bridge by the river while we were on a visit to Idaho. She is on of the Biggest Red Nose Pitbull Females in the world


Blue nose pit puppies playing in the grass
Maggie when she was 9 months old. Our Bully Pitbulls are some of finest looking dogs you can find. We take a lot of pride in the quality of the dogs that we produce AJAX at 6 weeks old he was the first Silver champagne pitbull puppy selected from the BLADE X COCO THE LION Breeding


XL Pitbull Kennels blue nose pitbull maggie
Venus and Peaches (8 months old) having fun playing in the yard. Our red and blue females have some of the best temperments I have seen before. I do not kinow any other XL pitbull kennels that has the selection of color that we have here at FPM Kennels. FPM'S Maggie is a taller faster version of Blade. I promise you she will be the best female I have ever seen before just wait. She is only 5.5 months old in this photo


black pitbull named phantom blue show dog pitbull
Phantom is my favorite black pitbull of all time and he produces the highest qualtiy of black pitbull puppies for sale on the market. We are the only kennel in the world that not only specializes in one major color but we specialize in all colors including black, silver, brindle ect. FPM'S Minni is looking great after just having a litter with FPM'S Blade


XXL Black bully pitbull Bully pitbull puppy
Phantom has the best temperment out of any Pitbull I have ever seen and is a proven producer here at FPM Kennels. He always produces Healthy black nose pitbull puppies and not to mention he is one of the best looking Black Pitbulls I have ever seen before. 5 week old blue nose pitbull puppy, this was a amazing Bully Puppy produced by Blade.


Black pitbulls for sale
This little girl was such a cute pit bull puppy at 8 weeks old, she is now enjoying in her life in Italy Phantom son at 1 year old is already over a 100 pounds, He is what a XXL Pitbulls should look like. We have some of the highest quality Black Pitbulls For Sale


bully pitbulls playing outside Red nose pitbull kennels
See how tight his skin is? We breed pitbulls not sloppy mastiff dogs, If you want 100+ pound Pitbull that is one of the most gorgeous dogs of any breed in this universe than welcome to FPM Kennels my friend, most Pitbull Websites won't take a picure of there Blue Pitbull this close why?????
She makes most of the XXL Red Nose Pitbulls look small compared to how huge she really is. We are one of the top Red Nose Pitbull Kennels


White pitbull named Venus
Blade showing you what structure is all about.  This is where we get a lot of our Dog Supplies Online Venus is the most White Pitbull we have. We expect to have White Pitbull Puppies from her when she is breed.



Blue fawn pitbull Grey pitbull puppies
Siren has a very good structure and is one of the best looking Blue Fawn Pitbull I have ever seen, her color is called Champagne to me it looks like a silver. I can't wait for her to be breed for we can have our first litter of Champagne Pitbull Puppies For Sale Grey Pitbull Puppies are some of my favorite colored dogs. We almost always have Blue Pitbull Puppies For Sale. Check out our Blue Nose Pit Puppies page for available pups


fines bully pit bulls
FPM Kennels
LILLY THE LION, Im so happy she is a member of our pitbull breeding program, just her alone will put FPM Kennels on the map for some of the finest bully pit bulls on this earth. Blade is one of the best looking pitbull dogs I have ever seen, just look at how perfect he is, how many dogs do you see that have a chest and shoulders like him???


Bully breed pitbull XLL pitbull breeders
Bully breed pitbull Phantom is a proven producer with over 40 offspring!!! B.Y.M/FPM'S Peaches at 15 weeks old, yes I said 15 weeks old. How many XXL Pitbull Breeders got female puppies that are built like this???


Pitbull breeds breeder of blue nose pitbulls
Sour Patch is great with kids all my dogs are great with kids or they will not be breed. I do not tolerate bad behavior, if I see any behavior issues they will not be breed. I take a lot of pride in the temperment of my dogs Minni is by far the tallest Blue nose pitbull we have. But she also is our fastest bully with the smallest feet I have ever seen on any Papered Pitbull with this type of size
ABKC XL Champion pitbull stack off XXL blue nose pitbull wearing a white spiked collar
We don't just talk about how we have the most bad ass XL Red Nose & Blue Nose Pitbulls in the world we show you pictures of our dogs and let the pictures speak for themself.
Blade has the look that most breeders try to get. His look alone just tells you he is not a dog you would want to mess with. That can save your family and posessions from being robbed. Not to many people would go rob a house if this dog was sitting on your front porch haha


blue game pitbull champagne pitbull
Panther at 6 months old, We make sure to take our dogs out when they are pups to socialize them with kids. It's so much easier to correct a dog when its a puppy then when its a full grown 100+ pound pitbull. Siren is the only Champagne Female we have here at our kennel. She has a great structure and muscle tone. She is our smallest female at only 70 to 75 pounds but her overall structure and muscle tone makes up for her lack of size.












white pitbull puppies
Blade chewing on a whole cow leg, he is trying to tell my
other dogs they are getting too close. Blade is 14
months old showing you why he will be one of the
top Blue Pitbull studs of all time.
Our white pitbull puppies for sale have the don't mess with me look at 10 weeks old. This is the last pick male of the litter, talk about quality

blue pitbull in the snow blue muscle pitbull
Gina just having fun in the snow, one of the most muscled up females I have ever seen  Venus has a structure that very few females can compete with.


PANTHA is only 8 months old in this picture and already is the biggest black pitbull puppy I have ever seen before Lilly The Lion with her Daughter White Lion. Our Red Nose Pit bulls have a solid structure from the moment they are born. White lion is the total package. She has very tight skin like the orginal pits did but she will be three times the size, her mom weighs 100 to 105 and I expect her to be in the 90 to 100 pound range


Biggest red nose pitbull in the world famous pitbull bloodline
Porky is the biggest Red nose Pitbull in the world at 140 pounds and a 29 inch head. He is the father to FPM Kennels own LILLY THE LION Disciple is one of the most famous pitbull dogs of all time! He is a proven producer, I am glad that he is in my bloodline and the grandpa to FPM Kennels own BLADE


blue bully with muscles in the snow cute baby pitbull
How many females got this much muscle after just having puppies??? GINA one of the best producing bitches in the game, She produced FPM'S MINNI Minni was one of our many cute pitbull puppies for sale. She is pictures at 2 weeks old and she was giving me her WHAT'S UP FACE


huge blue bully pitbulls K9 police dog pitbull with trophies
HBK Viscious is my favorite XL Bully Pitbull in the world! He is the son to the one and only Kanye west! I am happy this is BLADES Grandpa Sour Patches dad is the only registered K9 Police dog that is blue that I know of. She will produce great protection dogs


Ginas dad Blue Boy is one of my favorite XL Bully Pitbulls in the world. We are  now getting our blue pitbull website up and running because we have outgrown just one webiste. This is blade's mom PBK's Nala, she is the daughter to the world famous ICK DiSCIPLE


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