We have certain dogs that are breed for a specific task- job like personal protection work. We have dogs that are hand selected each generation from a litter of our puppies to specifically be a family dog for you and your loved ones. We also will start training our dogs at the moment they can walk, so if you get a puppy with training it has months of learning the best way to behave around people. This is so important for the later years of the dogs life. If you want a dog that will be good around certain pets just tell us before, and we will find the right dog that is genetically selected and trained for this. All of our dogs will be good with kids or we won’t own them because 95% of our dogs go to owners with kids so this is our number one priority. The biggest issue our company has seen in the last ten years is two male dogs left alone can have aggression issues with each other because they both want to be the alpha male, that’s just animal nature. I’ve also seen females that will act very aggressive around each other if they are in heat. So I would always recommend to only have two big dogs that are a male and a female. We have multiple dogs out in our 50 acre facility, but only under human supervision.