We would consider our pitbull to be Standard American Pit Bull Terriers and XL Pitbulls. Most of our males weigh from 75 to 120 pounds and about 22″ – 28″ inches tall at the withers. Most of our females range in the weight of 65 to 100 pounds and 18″ to 26″ inches tall at the withers. I understand everyone on the internet brags about having a 160 pound pitbull which the weights of their dogs are usually over inflated. Even if these dogs are this size they are going to be crossed with some type of mastiff breed, I promise you that. Our dogs are usually about the height and weight of a standard Golden Retriever. Which this height and weight are optimal for functionality and lifespan. Our dogs are extremely smart which is a must have for training your dogs in protection or to be a family dog.