The reason we require deposits is because of the safety of our dogs and wanting people 100% committed to the dog months before the purchase. Another reason is we have many clients who inquiry us on a daily basis for the same dog. Our website gets over a million visitors a year so it’s a lot to keep up with. Almost all of our dogs are sold out before they are born. A deposit insures you a spot on that specific breeding of your personal preference. We have hundreds of people a day contacting us for a dog and around 2-5 of those people will actually end up buying a dog. The best example of this is how many people do you see talking about becoming a millionaire?? But in reality how many people are actually a millionaire. Everyone wants one of these dogs but, very few people can actually afford them money and time wise.  A deposit with a signed contract secures that we are not wasting our time on false dreams, and we can actually serve our clients needs. We have a multi million dollar facility, taxes, insurance, employees all of these expenses that most of these so called professional breeders/trainers will never know about. Our clients understand this and appreciate us being very upfront about our process. We offer the highest quality in the world and we are achieving this by focusing on quality not quantity. We require a 50% deposit on any training, and any dog. The rest of the payment owed will be required two weeks before one of our team member hand delivers you your puppy or if you come in person you can pay on the spot. All dogs will be paid in full before one of our team members hand delivers your dog unless otherwise specifically stated in contract that both buyer and seller agreed too. Deposits are never refundable but always transferable to another breeding, dog or training service. We also do not use any third party dog shipping companies. You must come to our facility or one of team members will meet you for pick up.