You have decided that you want to buy from one of the Top Pitbull Kennels in the world. But you get online to look for the pitbull kennel and you see their is literally thousands of kennels to choose from. So how do you find the most reputable breeders that are honest and give you the quality of dog you pay for?? In these 8 tips I am going to share my knowledge as one of the top Pitbull Breeders and as a customer that has bought dogs from California, Florida, Philadelphia, Virginia and even in my local state Utah. I have been very fortunate with the breeders I have worked with and I wanna share the same enjoyable experience I have had. I wanna help you find the highest quality dog with the best health in the world and to have a written guarantee of the quality of dog you are getting. I also wanna share my negative experiences on a dog I paid thousands of dollars for when I first started breeding. So please, to insure you the buyer gets the quality dog you paid for, follow these tips and save yourself the heartache and money from dealing with shady breeders. To many breeders act like they are from the hood and have no business ethics. So I understand that I am not politically correct for saying most pitbull breeders act like they are from the hood. But don’t believe me, go look at all of their websites and watch the fancy chains, cars and rap music take over your screen. But for you people who just are looking for the highest quality pitbull in the world and want to gain the knowledge that took me 6 years of breeding dogs to learn, read these 8 steps but more than just reading actually follow them and save yourself thousand of dollars in the process. I promise most breeders won’t do all of things I am telling you to do because they usually are hiding something so don’t listen to their excuses just move on and contact another breeder till someone qualifies for what you are looking for.

1. Pitbull Kennels Facility

So many Kennels, especially in the Pitbull breed, that do not get the proper nourishment that is needed. If you are unable to visit the Kennel in person ask for a video to verify the Pitbull Kennels Facility. Some of the questions you should ask a breeder is

  • What are the dogs fed and how many times are they fed a day?
  • How many litters of puppies do you have a year?
  • What Type of dog houses and kennels do your dogs live in?
  • How do you keep the living environment for your dogs clean?
  • How often are the dogs exercised?
  • Are all of your dogs up to date on shots and De-worming?

2. Will They Send Pictures And Videos Of The Puppy

If the breeder only has one picture of the puppy on the website than that is not going to work. You need multiple pictures of the pitbull puppy and all different angels. But the real important thing is getting videos of the puppy because high quality videos is the closest thing you will get to being there in person if you do this step it won’t matter if your buying a dog in Texas or from me in Utah because most of the dog I sell are shipped out. But make sure when the breeder takes the video, ask if you can see the dogs bite to make sure the dog does not have an under-bite or overbite. The dog I bought about 3 years ago, I made this mistake and just bought the dog and never took the time for more videos. The puppy had about an inch overbite when I picked her up from the airport and the breeder would not refund me the thousands of dollars I paid for the puppy so please be careful and follow these precautions. Also have the dog playing with other puppies and people too see how the puppy interacts, because you must see the puppy running and playing around with other dogs and people to make sure it has a great temperament and health. I post videos of my dogs regularly on Instagram because I can upload them instantly to my followers which is very convenient for me and the client.

3. How Many Followers, and Reviews Do They Have on Social Media

All pitbull kennels will have a Facebook and Insta gram and if they don’t I would say don’t buy from them because this is where they post their dogs and previous customers have an opportunity to comment and write reviews on their experience. This is a chance for the honest opinion of the customers and the day to day operation of the kennel to really show. At FPM Kennels we have almost 32,000 followers on Instagram and 60,000 likes on Facebook. We post pictures everyday of our dogs or of dogs we have sold to our customers. We also have many reviews on Facebook and we regularly tag our customers profile with pictures of their dog. Really follow the Kennels Social Media page regularly and you we be able to tell a lot about the type of business it runs. I also keep a testimonials page on my website that buyers have written from dogs I sold which I love getting updated on the dog and seeing how they look now.

4. Do They Have A Contract

Check to see if the kennel has a detailed Contract that states what the breeder does and does not guarantee. Many breeders will make a lot of promises when they talk to you, but very few will have it in writing. The breeder should have you sign the contract and have the option to mail, fax or email the contract back for both parties have a copy. The contract should be signed by the breeder and have the breeders kennel name and information on the contract. The contract should also contain a statement like the customer has between 24 to 48 hours to have the blue nose puppy checked for any health issues by a state licensed veterinarian and if any issues are found the puppy can be replaced or returned with the full refund of money spent on the puppy, excluding shipping charges. On all of our puppy contracts they come in PDF form and all of my dogs have a 1 year health guarantee from any genetic defects. The reason I do this is to insure if my dogs ever have a health issue I will give a puppy of equal value to them for free, and honestly this has happened before. So this matters a lot because at the end of the day your buying a dog and issues can come up and that is where the integrity of the breeder and the contract come into place.

5. Valid Health Certificate

DO NOT buy a puppy unless it comes with a Health Certificate from a State Licensed Veterinarian and also make sure the documentation is signed by the Veterinarian. Even if you pick the puppy up in person have the breeder get it examined by a State Licensed Veterinarian to insure the puppy is completely healthy and has no diseases or any genetic defects. If a breeder states puppy is healthy and does not need a health certificate than tell the breeder that you will go purchase a puppy from a repeatable breeder with a guaranteed health exam. If a breeder objects getting health examination than please do not buy anything from the breeder because you are going to be ripped off. All major airlines require a valid health certificate for the puppy to get on the airlines. Because of this requirement I would always have the pitbull kennels ship the puppy via airline instead of ground shipping the puppy to insure the health of the puppy.

6. Will The Breeder Let You Visit The Pitbull Kennel In Person

Even if you are unable to travel across the country to get your puppy, still ask if you can come pick out a red nose pitbull puppy in person. If the breeder objects from you visiting please DO NOT buy from them because if they do not want you to come get the puppy in person they are hiding something. You never wanna buy anything from someone that is hiding something, that has scam written all over it.

7. Do They Sound Trustworthy

This is a very simple concept but also can be the difference between a happy buying experience and a scam. When you call the breeder and they do not sound trustworthy to you than please listen to your instinct. You have thousands of pitbull kennels to choose from so if you do not feel comfortable with the breeder than look somewhere else and save yourself the hassle and loss of money.

8. The Last But Most Important Tip

To truly find out if the XXL Pitbull Kennels you see online are legitimate, you have to be patient and to be able to follow all the tips I said before it takes time. If you are patient and follow the kennels you are interested in you will see if they ever scam a customer or sell a bad dog, because it will get posted on Instagram or Facebook. Just watch and see if the dogs on their website actually sell or if they post their dogs going to great family homes. All of this will only work if you are patient enough to give the breeder time to show their true colors. I know for a fact if you follow all of these tips to buy a pitbull puppy you will get a legitimate dog. Do not get frustrated because most of the pitbull kennels will not meet this strict criteria. But in the end you will get the quality dog you are looking for. I pretty much know or heard of every legitmate pitbull breeder out there so if your really looking to buy a puppy from them and want to know about them feel free to contact me