My wife and I have been looking for a puppy to give my older dogs some more energy and be a great friend with my kids. We started to do research and found FPM Kennels. With looking at pictures on Instagram and Caleb answering all our questions to help us pick the right dog. Rex is extremely smart, loyal and tolerant to my 1 1/2 year and 8 year old son. Rex is also 35-Minute Bootcamps Mascot. He hangs out in our studio while we are having classes and is in contact with 100’s of people everyday. All our members love our #fitmascot and we couldn’t be happier. He is only 7 months and already 50+ pounds. Can’t wait to see what he will be when he is 2. I can’t say enough and everyday Rex surprises me, Thank you from the Cabral family and 35 Minute Bootcamps family Hoboken NJ

35-Minute Bootcamps