Here is what I did up, if you wanna post it now or when I send you those professional pictures is up to you. Take care man.

The owner of FPM Kennels Caleb Clark personally worked with me while I was deployed overseas sending videos, pictures, and consulting with me over the phone at any hours of the day while I made the selection of my dog, he provided outstanding customer service and put my mind at ease while making the best purchase I have ever made. Upon receiving Roco, he immediately surpassed all my expectations. As you can see, these are the best looking dogs you will find. What you cannot see in pictures is the quality of breeding going on here. Roco is the best behaved, smartest dog I have ever owned. I started obedience training with him at 4 months and the professional dog trainer of over 8 years has said he is the best behaved and smartest dog he has ever had. Because of his amazing temperament and ability to take to training, we have decided to register him as an emotional support animal and volunteer at VA hospitals for disabled veterans to get the chance to interact with a dog of this quality. Animals of this caliber are a very rare find and I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with the entire FPM operation. Keep up the great work guys, and thank you very much!