After doing tons of investigating on pitbull breeders, we decided to go with FPM Kennels and Caleb.  One look at Blade and we knew we had to have one of his puppies!
Caleb had the patience of saint! He took everyone one of our phone calls full of questions and got back to every text we sent.  He also provided pictures and videos of the puppy we wanted, whenever we wanted.
Our transactions with FPM and Caleb were flawless and our whole experience was awesome.  We received our puppy (Blade and Minni) in top condition and excellent health and up to date on all her shots and we could not love her more!
She adapted immediately and is lovable, sociable and great with our young son as well as other dogs.  The dog and our dealings exceeded our expectations with FPM and we will definately be getting any future dogs from them.  Highly recommend FPM Kennels and Caleb!