Approximately eight years ago I lost my female red nose to lymphoma. Since then I was determined to wait and look for the right fit for my family, because Nina had meant so much to us. This time I wanted a Bluenose, but a good quality Bluenose was harder to find than I thought. It took about five years before my family was ready to bring a new pup into the fold after our loss. It proved to be a difficult task; year after year I would look online and meet pups and their breeders, but I was never satisfied with the quality/caliber that I was looking for in the breed. When I finally came across FPM KENNELS I was intimidated by few things:

-I wouldn’t be able to see his pups or facility in person.
-The cost of the puppies where more expensive than I have ever come cross.
-Dealing with a large amount of money for a blind faith transaction being that I live in VA and FPM KENNELS is in Utah.

I decided to call and got in touch with Caleb. After a short exchange of information pictures and direction to their Facebook and Instagram pages I decided to follow through and purchase a pup. The process was so nerve-racking for me, but Caleb did such an awesome job and took such great care of me! Her name is Athena, I can’t fully explain the impact she has had on my family and she is everything that I was looking for in the breed! She’s well tempered yet protective. She is so happy and affectionate. She gets along with other animals and she’s healthy and intelligent, loves to play fetch and knows how to catch a frisbee (still working on getting her to give it back tho, lol). I also have a red nose male (not an FPM KENNELS dog) named Zeus who doesn’t get along with other animals, but within the first week she managed to win him over and they’re the best of friends. She was worth every single penny I paid! I have owned 5 pits before Athena over the last 15 years none of which compared to her. I am forever grateful!