Breeding pitbulls and related breeds has drastically changed over the last couple of centuries. They have really came a long ways when we are talking traits like size and structure.   The Real American Pitbull Terrier has become one of the most diverse and popular breeds of all time and breeders have had a big part in that.


The American Bully has recently hit the spotlight the past decade as the improved pitbull. As with bigger, stronger, and more stable temperament. The Breed is improving with every generation. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this improvement in breeding the highest quality of the red nose pitbulls. Here at FPM Kennels we have been breeding a bigger version of the original American Pitbull Terrier. Because as breeders our goal is to produce a dog that has yet to come into existence. If you look at the video below you can see the type of dog we are looking for. The video below is Gino doing a workout. Gino is about 90 pounds and we are going to breed him with Blade’s daughters just imagine what we will get out of that. Because Blade is 120 pounds and you can see Gino’s strength and endurance it will be a great combination of genetics.


The Video Above Is Gino After Running A Mile For His Workout.


 A Real American Pitbull Terrier Breeder Has A Vision For His Bloodline

An Original American Pitbull Terrier is nothing like Blade, Gino or any of my other dogs. I feel like my dogs are the hybrid version of the originals. Over the past centuries the breed has grown to have unbelievable strengths, size, and ability. We have seen a real improvement in this type of pitbull and it’s honestly for the better. These dogs are improving in temperament and athletic ability every generation. I expect that FPM Kennels in the next 5 to 10 years will have males around 140 pounds that are stronger than any other dog in the world pound for pound which will be very interesting to see. We are crossing bloodlines that have never been combined together, the dogs we will be getting have never been created before. 


Back Yard Breeders

As with the great improvements there has also began to be a growing problem with back yard breeders. I even wrote an article called 8 Tips On Choosing The Right Pitbull Kennels so I could help educate the public on the shady tactics these so called breeders try to pull. If you are serious about getting a high quality pitbull give it a read because it will help you find a legitimate breeder and help you in getting a quality puppy. This will really help you by doing your research on the breeder so you don’t get scammed from shady breeding practices. Back yard breeders have neglected on proper care of the breed by breeding purely on looks, and neglecting health, well being of the pups, and proper socialization.  The amount of the pitbulls ending up in shelters is outrageous, I have encountered my fair share of shady breeders over the years but I have realized that anyone that is doing any shady breeding practices will not be around after a couple of years. The biggest reason for all of this is like most problems in the world people have grown greedy and forgot the principals of dog breeding just to make a quick buck. But taking shortcuts in the long run just hurts you in the end but most of all it helps feed the negative image the public puts on this breed. What most people don’t realize is without positive breeding ethics the quality of the breed ceases to truly reach its full potential.

But overall I would say the breed is improving and headed in multiple direction some good and bad in my opinion. I’m proud to be a part of it and look forward to seeing it improve. I hope to help see back yard breeding disappear and as the overall pitbull image improves so does the quality of dogs. Because I hope more quality people will start breeding these dogs, I honestly think as a breeder these dogs have more genetic potential than any other breed known to man.