As a Pitbull Breeder I get asked this question on a regular basis. What do I honestly think is the best pitbull bloodlines of all time? In all honesty I don’t think there is a top bloodline it really depends on the type of dog you are looking for. I know you were hoping I would just say one bloodline is better than the rest, but I am not one of those breeders who says “the gotti pitbull bloodline is the best and I will never breed any other line.” I think that there is some really bad bloodlines that I would not breed, but at the same time I would say there is a good 30 to 50 lines I would breed. If I really felt that there was one bloodline that was just perfect their would be no point in breeding because the perfect dog already exists. I have learned over the years all bloodlines have pros and cons. What you should do is choose the type of pitbull that fits the best for you and your situation because some bloodlines that are more the game bred style pitbulls need to be more active than others. A dog like my blue male Blade is better to be a house dog. That is why what breeder you choose to go with matters so much. I just always find it amusing when I see other breeders limiting their whole breeding program to just 1 bloodline. That is like your playing basketball and you can only have one move even if it’s the best move in the game but as long as you limit yourself to that kind of thinking you won’t last long in breeding dogs. I think it is a foolish mistake to say 1 bloodline has every trait you desire in a dog because everything can always be improved on. Let me give you an example of my two males Blade and Gino that are both Pictured Below

fpm-gino-on-chain Pictured Above Is My Red Gino

946489_914166731947252_1071976543997332997_nPictured Above is My Blue Blade


What Has A Better Bloodline A Red or Bluenose Pitbull

I hear people and even breeders saying I will only breed blues or I will only breed reds but like I said that is so wrong if you want to breed the best dogs in the world. I don’t mean the biggest or a certain color of dogs no we want the total package what is the point to have a 150 pound dog that dies at 5 and can never jump my fence?  That is the reason we have so much diversity is we are just wanting to produce the best pitbull know to man and we realized its not just a blue or a red dog but the combination of the best traits from multiple bloodlines that will attain our goal. Do me a favor and go look around and show me one breeder who breeds reds and blue colored dogs on a regular basis like we do. After owning so many different bloodlines and two alpha males like I have I would say that they are both specimens but at the same time they both respectively lack traits when compared to the other.  Gino has a very long history which most red dogs do if you follow their pedigree back far enough. The pedigree will usually take you back way farther compared to the blues and that explains how most reds have more of the traditional pitbull look. The traits Gino has that are just absolutely perfect is his muscle definition, athletic ability, health and his  overall prey drive and willingness to work. Gino can jump a 6 foot fence without a problem but Blade could not jump the fence if his life depended on it. Gino also pulled 6,000 pounds at only 1 year old which is just absolutely amazing of him to do at such a young age. Gino can move so much better than blade when we are comparing jumping, running and everything athletically which a lot of people really prefer a dog that can move like that. Gino also produces a way more hardy puppy  and what I mean by that is they’re overall more healthy on a consistent basis if we compare 5 litters from the each of them.

Now lets talk about the genetic traits that Blade Dominates over Gino in every shape way or form. Blade has a head about 6 inches bigger than Gino and weighs a good 30 pounds more than Gino. Blade is taller than Gino and has way tighter feet which is a big deal if you are ever showing your dog. Blade also has a way better snout and his head has a way better shape than Gino does. As you can see they come from famous bloodlines, Blade has the most popular bloodline in him from the blues which is ICK and RBG. Gino has some of the best red bloodlines which are Camelot and Chevy, they both are know worldwide. This is the part of breeding that I just love because both dogs have characteristics that is so much better than the other. So instead of saying that Blade or Gino is a better dog than the other one. Why not take the  best traits from both of them and combine them together? Pictured below is Maggie which she was a 1st pick Blade daughter that will be breed to Gino this week. Also Maggie’s mother Minni was a 1st pick Female from Phantom X Gina. I honestly am so excited to see the Mike Tyson of reds breed to the Shaquille O’Neal of blues.

rednose Gino Breeding Bluenose Maggie

Pictured Above is the Blade Daughter being breed to Gino

Why Would You Breed A Red To A Blue?

The reason I am breeding a red to a blue is because I want to produce a dog that has yet to exist on this earth. Just think about it for a second what if instead of Gino being about 90 pounds he was 120 pounds and he had a 29 inch head like Blade? What if Gino was 4 to 6 inches taller? What if Gino was a silver/champagne color like a blade daughter pictured below



Pictured Above Is A 1st Pick Blade Daughter Named Legacy at 8 weeks old

The same goes for Blade also though, what if blade could jump a 6 foot fence and have muscle like Gino? What if he was fast enough to catch a rabbit and pull 6,000 pounds at a year old while still being 120 pounds and having a 29 inch head. This is why when people ask me what is the best bloodline I say none. I have about 30 to 35 different bloodlines at my kennel so I notice the traits which some bloodlines have over the other. So the only way to make better dogs than what is on the market right now is to take the best traits from multiple bloodlines and combine them together and select the best traits you want. Because no matter what bloodline you choose they all have traits better than the other so the true goal here is not to find the best bloodline as a breeder. The goal when you breed your female is to choose a male that not only carries but shows the traits your female lacks so the offspring can have traits better than both the father and mother.  The problem here is that most breeders have to big of an ego to say that your dog has traits my dogs lacks so we should do a breeding together for we can make a dog better than both of ours. I understand that a lot of people hate that I don’t just keep breeding the same line of proven dogs together. But that is completely fine with me because I have been working on this for years and Gino X Maggie is the type of breeding that has never happened before and you can search everywhere and no one has a breeding like that but that is exactly why I am doing it. FPM Kennels will make a dog that has never existed before may happen this breeding or it may take another 20 years to make the lebron James of pitbulls but whatever it take we are in this for the long haul. I hope this really got you thinking about what is the best pitbull bloodline. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me feel free to contact me whenever you would like.