Phantom is the dog that is every-ones best friend but more than that Phantom was the all black pitbull who started FPM Kennels. He was the dog I bought before FPM Kennels ever became famous. The reason I am dedicating a whole blog post to Phantom is because I would not be here writing this post if it was not for him. Out of all 15 dogs I have, the NFL Players, the dogs sold in South America, Canada, Europe and almost all 50 states. Phantom has a trait that I have never had in any of my other dogs before. I remember when I first got him as a puppy he was the only black puppy in the whole litter. He came from one of the most know breeders at the time in my home state of Utah. The breeders name was Javier Torres and his Kennel name was Torres Bloodline. When I bought Phantom in 2011 I really never planned on being one of the top pitbull kennels in the world, honestly my whole reason I bought him was because I loved Pitbulls and thought they were more bad ass than any other dog I have ever seen before. Ever since than it is the only breed of dog I have owned, fast forward almost 5 years and Phantom is about to be a Great Grandpa and the 3rd Generation of FPM Kennels is about to happen here this summer once our best breedings of the year happens.


When I bought Phantom I can remember his black nose and at the time I did not really want him because I wanted a blue instead. I also remember he really had no aggression in him towards other dogs which is very rare in a dominating breed like this. Now Blade and Gino on the other hand is a different story because of how dominating they are and always wanting to be the alpha male when it comes to other dogs. Phantom has produced the most variation of color for me because he is half red and half blue. He has had around 10 litters and the health of his pitbull puppies has been almost perfect out of about 100 puppies I would say only 2 of them ever had any health issues which is about a 98% of healthy dogs. The key to him having so many healthy puppies is because of his genetic diversity. Most breeders line breed and think it makes their dogs better and more (Pure) but in reality if a guy had kids with his sister you would expect them to have many issues mentally and physically, but I have always wondered why breeders are bragging about their dogs being the best because they only line breed. But hey if you wanna pay extra for Uncle Ricky breeding his sister down at the trailer park have at it, I am just not paying $5,000 for that. But what I like to do in my program is buy the best dogs from all over the world and breed them with my dogs and over time select the best offspring. My program started with Phantom and He has produced ever color I could possibly think of red, blue, black, white, brown and even silver puppies before. This is the genetic diversity that most kennels need to add to their program for the overall health of their breeding stock is way better. But the whole reason I wrote this post was because I wanted to thank all of the people that have helped this kennel become known around the world. But most of all I want to thank that Black Pitbull that most people would of never know if it was not for FPM Kennels. At the same time you would never of know FPM kennels if it was not for some Black and white dog named Phantom.  I would love to hear your experience on buying one of your first pitbulls if you ever get a chance email me your story and pictures because I would love to feature it on this blog