I have seen and sold pitbull puppies in the past that have reached prices all the way up to $15,000. There are so many factors that determine how much pitbull puppies are worth, like bloodlines, Kennel, parents, etc. This article is to help understand what the prices of American Pitbull’ and American Bullies can go to and to make sure you aren’t overpaying for your next best friend. Because in all honesty paying $5,000 for a puppy is very reasonable if you get it from a well established kennel that has the credentials to back up the price.

The Mutts

There has been a big uproar of backyard breeding or better known as (BYB). Many byb breeders have called their dog’s “red nose” or “blue nose” to seem as they are special and worth more. In all reality this type of dog is just a dog with specific colored nose. Breeders charge thousands of dollars for these mutts. I’m not saying they are bad dogs as pets. Just the price breeders charge isn’t justified. I’d rather you go adopt than support this kind of backyard breeding and save yourself the time and money.


A big problem I have personally noticed is that the breeding practice of inbreeding. Many breeders take part in this trying to reproduce and show specific traits such as big head, big body, certain structure, etc. In any species if you inbreed to much you have bad offspring. This why I would highly recommend breeding distant cousins if you really like a bloodline instead of inbreeding dogs. The reason for this is even though you may double up on the good traits you also are just as likely to double up on all poor traits whether it’s poor body structure or a genetic defect. A terminal disease that has been hidden for generations can start to display in offspring after inbreeding occurs. You may get one unbelievable specimen but to me this is not worth the risk of getting messed up dogs with this type of breeding. I wouldn’t spend $1 on any breeder that practices inbreeding on a regular basis. Instead of a brother and sister breeding or a father to daughter I would breed distant cousins together which can still help you keep the consistent traits you desire. With this type of breeding practice you are still able to keep that consistent look you desire but still have enough genetic diversity to promote healthy, happy and stable dogs.


Papered dogs
A dog that has papers to me usually has some value as long as the parents have stable temperaments and are healthy. The bloodline the pup comes from has a lot to do with what the dog is worth. Their is literally millions of pitbulls with papers from people that have just started breeding. I have seen some decent dogs over the years but they are not able to provide all the credentials some of the top breeders in the world can but that will explain why the cost is much cheaper for a pitbull ranging from $300-$1500.

Papered dog from World Class Kennel
There is not many World Class Kennels, the prices range from $2,000-$15,000 to me even at these prices they are on the next level and they offer the full package and these type of dogs are for the people that want to drive a Ferrari instead of an economy sedan car. What makes a breeder World Class is 100’s of proven healthy and outstanding Offspring, Great reviews, and big followings on social media. A breeder who has a world Class Kennel isn’t afraid to take pictures and videos on a regular basis of his dogs and productions for the public to see. The main purpose of a World Class Kennel is to improve the breed making the dog better, stronger and an improved temperament.


Pictured Above is One Of Our Clients In South America Training his Dog

Make sure to do your research when purchasing your new pitbull puppy. Don’t overpay for dogs that just happen to have the right color like a blue nose puppy because there is so much more than the color of the dog. Take your time and purchase a dog from a world class breeder that offers more than just a dog ,but a physical phenomenon. Proper research and precautions can help make your choice of purchasing a puppy the correct one. If you have any questions on paying the right price for a puppy I am more than happy to help you out so feel free to contact me anytime.