What is a purple Ribbon “PR” Pitbull? That’s a question many people ask when looking to add their next pit to their family. Purple Ribbon simply means that all fourteen dog’s in the last three generations are UKC Registered (parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.) This information is provided directly on the United Kennel Club’s Website

Does this add Value?

In my experience almost all of your dogs should be “PR” if they come with papers from the most popular registry for the pitbull breed the United Kennel Club. It is a big tactic many “Back Yard Breeders” use to market and try to add value to their litter of puppies. Many people fall into the misunderstanding that “PR” adds substantial value to their dog. An example of this would be when you hear someone saying we were the best team at the tournament because we got a trophy. But the problem with that is every team at the tournament got a trophy just for participating so I would not say that is anything worth bragging about. When people are bragging about having purple ribbon pitbull puppies for sale they are usually referring to this as if it means their dog is from a champion bloodline but in reality all “PR” means is the dog has all of its last 14 ancestors and the last 3 generations are registered with the UKC. This does not mean that the dogs are at all properly selected or even a dog worth paying over a couple hundred dollars for. While I think it does help add authenticity to a dog, I wouldn’t recommend any kennel that tries to sell the idea that their pups are special because, of “PR” registration.

What is Purple Ribbon exactly?

Purple ribbon dogs are shown by the “PR” on their registration papers. A dog receives this accommodation if all “14” ancestors in the last three generations are UKC registered. In order to receive seven generation pedigree both parents must be “PR.”


Pictured Above is A Pitbull Pedigree Which Is Purple Ribbon

Is Purple Ribbon an award?

Against popular belief “purple Ribbon” doesn’t mean an ancestor was award winning or any different than any other registered dog. Many people fall into the misconception of this title. Personally I don’t think the purple ribbon is worth much anymore because breeders and uneducated people have completely forgot the true meaning of an American Pit Bull Terrier with a PR Pedigree.

Getting a Puppy

To ensure you are making the correct decision in your next pup you have to look at more than just if the puppy has papers that say “PR” on them. You should always make sure you check bloodlines, health guarantee, parents, offspring, reviews, references, and just the overall living conditions the dogs are kept in. In the past what has helped me to get the best quality dogs on the market is to use multiple grading factors for a dog.  I talked about my experiences and tips I have learned over the years in my article on 8 tips I should of known when buying my first pitbull this should be a very valuable tool in picking your next puppy, but even if your not getting a puppy in the near future everyone is more than welcome to contact me at any time and I will help you out with any questions you have regarding this issue or if you just want to tell me about your dogs I am very happy to hear from you.